Meet a PDS consultant, Kunal Kapoor

We (PDS Consult) have many consultants who work in Norway through PDS Consult and we love when we get to know them better! We reached out to our consultant Kunal Kapoor to ask him a few questions and get an insight into his life as a consultant for PDS Consult. 

Kunal was born and raised in New Delhi, India, but now lives in Oslo with his wife, who he has been together with for 15 years.

He also lived in Stavanger when he enrolled for a masters degree program at the University in Stavanger in 2016. 

“I have a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from India and a masters in offshore technology which I completed at the University of Stavanger in 2018. It was a welcoming change moving from a city with a population that is approximately 5 times  bigger than Norway’s whole population, to a city of approximately 140k residents.”

PDS Consult are always thrilled to have consultants return to us, that means that they are happy working through us and that is always a goal of ours. Kunal is one of these returning consultants. He previously worked on assignments through us from 2018 to 2020, and this year he’s back for another assignment! He also has lot’s of experience from previous projects and jobs. 

As previously mentioned Kunal worked with PDS Consult already in 2018. That year he was finishing his masters degree and was looking for suitable roles.

“It was a former PDS consultant who recommended Consult to me. It was then I got in touch with Morten for the first time. He was nice and helpful to accommodate all my questions and helped me land an assignment with Aibel. After the completion of my first assignment in 2020, I moved to a permanent position in Maritime Industry only to return to PDS in 2022.”

Today Kunal has a position with Aibel in Asker as a Principal Engineer in the Piping Engineering group.

“I’m assigned to an ongoing project which is progressing into the detailed Engineering stage. Given my experience in piping engineering and piping design, I have been assigned to both Material Master Database work and Area Engineering work on the project.”

It is always interesting to hear how consultants who have moved to Norway from a different country like it here. Kunal has lived in Norway for a while and has seen a lot of Norway through hiking and travel. Kunal and his wife even go “Aurora chasing” during winter and in the summer he plays cricket. In his spare time he also enjoys reading novels and studying philosophy and world cultures. 

“Norway is a beautiful country. Anyone who enjoys and appreciates nature would love to live here. I wanted to work in Norway so I could experience the honest and open work culture. In my past 5 years of work in Norway, I have had a chance to experience that and much more. Norwegians are kind people. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and their culture, and make friends here.”

It’s great that our consultants enjoy working in Norway and are happy here, but we also want them to be happy with us! We always try to do our best and be flexible for the people who want to work with us. Kunal has years of experience with PDS Consult now and could offer some feedback and insight. 

“I have had two experiences working as a consultant in Norway and both have been with PDS Consult. One major benefit of being a consultant with PDS is that I found everyone very helpful. The communication has always been excellent on all fronts from applying for positions to anything and everything during the assignment with a client. I particularly enjoyed the team building parties and Christmas parties with PDS. The best part of working with PDS Consult so far has been the people at PDS Consult who have taken exceptional care of me. Everyone in the company has been kind and helpful which I greatly appreciate.”

Thank you so much to Kunal Kapoor for saying yes to this interview, we appreciate this a lot! It was great to get to know him a bit better and we hope everyone who read this found it interesting!

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